Free School Bus Coloring Page and New Clip Art

Inside: A free school bus coloring page plus a set of brand new rainbow school bus clip art.

It's been awhile since I last posted here, but I want to share a school bus coloring page I just made. It's not back-to-school time in my part of the world, but I know that it's approaching for some teachers!

This bus is part of a new set of clip art I made which includes a rainbow assortment of buses and the option of cute little faces or not.

My clip art images are REALLY big so you can use them in lots of different ways, which is always super handy.

FREE school bus coloring page!

Birthday Decor, Labels and a Freebie

Inside: Set of rainbow labels and a panda birthday display.


I've been working on my set of rainbow labels.

I cleaned them up (these were made a few years ago when I was a rookie) and added more colours.

I also made some round labels with a star effect.  You can buy them both separately or as a bundle ~ with savings, of course :)

The labels are perfect for jazzing up your teacher product pages. And the round ones would look great on award certificates.

Click the image to see them in my shop.

A beautiful set of rainbow colored labels. Two styles and lots of colors!