Valentine Clip Art: Kawaii Cupcakes

I love Valentine's Day, cupcakes, and all things kawaii. So here are my loves all rolled into one!

Valentine Clip Art: Kawaii Cupcakes. These adorable Kawaii cupcakes are 8 inches wide! There are SO many uses for them, including bulletin boards, stickers, worksheets, games, Valentine cards, posters, graphing ... you name it!  They not only come in color AND black & white, but you have a choice of faces and no faces.

The cupcakes are BIG: 8 inches wide.

Just imagine all the wonderful things you can do with them! Bulletin boards, graphing, cards anyone?

For $3 you get the 6 coloured images you see above (without the watermarks), 6 coloured cupcakes without the faces, and another 12 blacklines.


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