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Valentine Hearts Clip Art: Free!

Inside: 15 free Valentine hearts clip art.

Hi Friends!

Valentine's Day will be here in just 2 short weeks.

If you're anything like me then you're probably whipping up some last minute Valentine games, graphing activities and writing pages.

If that's the case then be sure to download this free set of 15 Valentine hearts in red and black.

The hearts are nice and large at 8 inches wide and, as always, they're 300 dpi png images. That means standard industry quality on a transparent background.

Freebies are for personal and classroom use only. That means you can't put them in your own products to sell. If you'd like to use them in commercial products then you can buy them in my TPT shop in a set that also includes pink and purple hearts. As of this post they're priced at $1.75.

In the meantime, please enjoy the freebies (download link is below).

15 Valentine Hearts Clip Art: Free. These beautiful red and black clipart hearts are 8 inches wide on transparent backgrounds. You're gonna love 'em!

DOWNLOAD: 15 Valentine Hearts Clip Art

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Valentine Clip Art: Kawaii Cupcakes

I love Valentine's Day, cupcakes, and all things kawaii. So here are my loves all rolled into one!

Valentine Clip Art: Kawaii Cupcakes. These adorable Kawaii cupcakes are 8 inches wide! There are SO many uses for them, including bulletin boards, stickers, worksheets, games, Valentine cards, posters, graphing ... you name it!  They not only come in color AND black & white, but you have a choice of faces and no faces.

The cupcakes are BIG: 8 inches wide.

Just imagine all the wonderful things you can do with them! Bulletin boards, graphing, cards anyone?

For $3 you get the 6 coloured images you see above (without the watermarks), 6 coloured cupcakes without the faces, and another 12 blacklines.


Thanks for stopping by!


Clip Art Hearts with Emoji Faces

Inside: New clip art hearts in my TPT store.

Hi Friends,

I just finished making a set of Valentine hearts with different emoji faces.

I think these heart faces are seriously fun and could be used in so many ways. Just off the top of my head I'm thinking for bulletin boards, DIY Valentine Day cards, for graphing, for game tokens or game cards. They could be used to decorate worksheets.

They're also perfect if you're doing a lesson around emotions and feelings. You can do this anytime of the year, of course, and one of the best books to use (at least it's my favourite!) is Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.  If you haven't heard of the book before be sure to click over and read all about it on Grade Onederful (I have lots of book extension ideas, too!)

And lastly, STICKERS!!! I love stickers and when I was teaching I would hand them out willy-nilly ALL-THE-TIME. Because stickers just make the world a happier place.

Clip Art Hearts with Emoji Faces. These hearts are 8 inches wide and can be used in a TON of different ways. The images are clear, crisp and oh so cute!

Clip Art Hearts with Emoji Faces. These hearts are 8 inches wide and can be used in a TON of different ways. The images are clear, crisp and oh so cute!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. The best part is these hearts are very big, as in 8 inches wide, so go ahead and use them to your heart's desire.



Chalkboard Set of Social Media Icons


I just finished putting a new set of chalkboard style social media icons in my shops.

They have a bit of a grunge vibe, too. If you look closely you can see some scratches and marks on the white part of the icons.

I'm really liking how they look and hope you do, too!

Did you know that most people who buy my icons use them on their Teachers Pay Teachers product or TOU pages?  Depending on which editor you use (I use the iSkysoft pdf editor) you can link your icon images to your social site!

As usual there are two sizes: 400px and 50px. The big ones are perfect for your pages (or business cards) and the little ones are great for your blog.

You can see the icons at:

Teachers Pay Teachers



Happy New Year!

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