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The Cutest Clip Art Ever: Kawaii Bubble Tea

Inside: Bubble Tea Clip Art Hello! It was National Bubble Tea a couple of days ago so I decided to make some bubble tea clip art. I haven't made any new clip art in a while so it was lots of fun to work with those cute little faces again. FUN FACT: This yummy but high calorie drink from Taiwan has a LOT of names. It's also called boba, pearl shake, momi milk tea, pearl tea, black pearl tea, black pearl shake, boba nai cha, tapioca tea, and even more. Although it traditionally has tapioca balls in it (the ones in the bottom of the cups) the "bubble" part of the name actually comes from the foamy bubbles on top. Bubble tea also comes in loads of flavours, hence the many coloured teas!  If you're interested in buying this set of Bubble Tea Clip Art you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. IF YOU ARE ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER TO THE BLOG then you're going to receive a free sample of this set in your inbox in a couple of days. Don't subscribe yet? Then j

My First Watercolour Snowman

I just painted my first snowman!

I painted this sweet snowman with a facebook tutorial: Watercolors by Michael!'s probably not my VERY first. I'm sure I must have painted lots of snowmen when I was in elementary school.

But for the last year I've been dabbling in watercolours. I've gone to a few local classes and I've been practicing at home.

This is my first attempt at a snowman and I'm pretty happy with the results. 

I found the tutorial on YouTube on a channel called Watercolors by Michael.

In his descriptor, Michael says he "bets anyone can do it" and he's right! 

I found his tutorial super easy to follow. I didn't have exactly the colours he suggested, but I think my snowman looks pretty sweet anyway.

I painted this sweet snowman with a facebook tutorial: Watercolors by Michael!

As soon as I have a small collection of paintings I'm going to figure out how to digitalize them and then share them here. 

My plan is to paint a few more snowmen, some ornaments and Christmas trees. Wish me luck :)

In the meantime, if you're a budding watercolour artist, be sure to check out Michael's snowman video. I think you'll like it.




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