Hard to Design With a Busted Shoulder

I haven't been around much because ....

I went for a bike ride ten days ago and had a teeny tiny accident. I rode up onto the sidewalk (on the driveway part) but neglected to angle my wheel properly.

As I flew off the bike I had a split second to think, "Oh, man. This is gonna hurt!" before I landed. 

And I was right.

After many kind bystanders, the police, and paramedics came to my aid I found myself in the local emergency ward with a busted shoulder.

I've had to put my running, cycling and designing on temporary hold.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to attempt my water colour class.

Oh! Did I mention? I'm right-handed. It will be fun regardless :)

Happy October and stay safe, friends!


  1. Ouch! It's a good thing you're retired and can recover without the worry of school. I fell at school and broke my wrist the week before school started - luckily it was my left wrist so I can go to school. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Sorry to hear that news Barb. Heal quickly and feel better. I see that you are still smiling...good! Let's get together soon.
    Take care,
    Carole xo

  3. Hi Carole! Thanks for dropping by. Yes let's definitely get together. I'll phone:)

  4. Ooh that's no fun! I hope you're all healed up now. Take care!

  5. You are a trooper Barb! Sending healing thoughts your way! Brenda Penston


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