Let's Doodle: Geometric Practice Pages

Do you like to doodle?

It can be very relaxing.

Not only that, doodling can help improve your memory and may help with stress relief and focus (Harvard Health Publishing, 2016).

And as a bonus, the finished results are often surprisingly cool and interesting to look at.

Last summer I downloaded the sheet below and spent part of an afternoon doodling with one of my micron pens. Unfortunately, even after looking all over my desktop and online I simply can NOT find the source for this worksheet.  If you happen to know where it came from please let me know and I'll add the proper link.

Doodle shape pages

Since I'm a bit limited on what I can do these days while healing my shoulder, I decided to make up some similar doodle sheets using circles and also rectangles and triangles. They were fast and easy to put together so I wasn't cramping up my arm. :)

Doodle shape pages

If you'd like your own copy of the black and white shapes, then either click the image above or click here and you can grab a pdf from google drive with the three sheets.

If you're not into doodling, I think the shapes would look great coloured or painted in a variety of colours. My little example above was the best I could do with my limited dexterity, but you get the idea.

Thanks for stopping by and happy doodling and colouring, friends!

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