Social Media Icons: Free Set

Free green social media icons. 25 different popular icons. Two sizes: 50px, 400px. These will look amazing on your blog or product pages. Personal use only.

I have some free social media icons for you today.

This "pretty in green" set comes in two sizes: 50 px and 400 px.

The 50 px size is perfect for using on your business cards, blog or website and the 400 px icons are great to use in portfolios or product pages.

Judging by the comments I get on Teachers Pay Teachers, it seems as though most purchasers use them for their product pages. They put the icons on the first or last page and link them up to their social sites.

Just remember, when you're changing the size of the icon, ALWAYS size it down. That way you'll retain the crisp edges. Increasing the size of a jpg or png file always results in pixelation (fuzziness). And we don't want that!

This free set is for personal use only. If you need it to design your client's blog or business cards then you'll need to purchase (Etsy Store  / Teachers Pay Teachers Store).

DOWNLOAD: Zip file of free set of green social media icons.

BTW, I'd love to know if any readers use paper versions of the social icons in their classrooms. I've always taught Grade 1 so I'm not really sure what older classes are doing in this regard.

But if you'd like to see some LARGE (as in 8 inches wide) icons in my shop, PLEASE let me know in the comments so I can get to work on those.

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Thanks ... have a great day!