October 2017 Calendar Wallpaper: Freebie

Hi Friends!

I'm back with another great freebie.

This October 2017 calendar wallpaper features some of my Halloween Kawaii clipart!

October 2017 Calendar Freebies. Super cute Halloween Kawaii calendar wallpaper for desktops and iPhones. You'll love how they look!

Autumn Mandala Colouring Book

Hi Friends!

I just finished making a 12-page autumn mandala colouring book.

Autumn Mandala colouring book for young children

It features a variety of unique and pretty mandalas with either an autumn or Halloween image in the middle.

I think the colouring pages are perfect for 5 to 7-year-olds ... and maybe younger and older children depending on their colouring skills and tastes.

Social Media Icons: Free Set

Free green social media icons. 25 different popular icons. Two sizes: 50px, 400px. These will look amazing on your blog or product pages. Personal use only.

I have some free social media icons for you today.

This "pretty in green" set comes in two sizes: 50 px and 400 px.

Autumn Mandala: Free Colouring Page

Autumn Mandala: Free Colouring Page

Although it's still officially summer it definitely feels like autumn where I live.

The kids are now back to school, the hot days have become warm and I'm noticing some leaves turning colour and falling to the ground. This is my favourite time of year!

I've been learning how to make mandalas this week and thought it would be fun to make an autumn mandala to share. So here's one that I've turned into a colouring page.

I hope it's the first of many because I was thinking of making a colouring book of mandalas aimed at 4 to 7 year olds. Mandalas can be very complicated, but I purposefully kept this one simple so that even the most reluctant crayon artist (I just made that up but I think it works) will be tempted to take crayon (or felt) to paper.

The pdf can be printed onto an 81/2 by 11 inch paper.

DOWNLOAD: Autumn Mandala Colouring Page

If you grab it I'd love to hear some constructive feedback in the comments. Too simple? Too complicated? Not enough variety?

Before you go, be sure to check out my sugar skull colouring page, too!

New Sugar Skulls Clipart: Free Coloring Page

Happy September, Friends!

I have some new sugar skulls clipart to show you.

New Sugar Skulls Clipart: Day of the Dead

I've been meaning to make these beauties for over a year!

I just love all the different variations you can see online now.

The first time I saw a sugar skull I have to admit it kind of creeped me out. But the more I really looked at them and started to appreciate the colours and artistry, the more I started to love them.

As I'm sure you already know, sugar skulls are part of the Day of the Dead Mexican holiday (when deceased family members are honoured).

I did a little research and learned that the sugar skulls (calaveras) are either decorative and made of clay, or edible and made out of sugar. The calaveras made out of sugar are decorated with coloured icing, beads, foil and feathers! Both types of skulls are made for children or for altar offerings.

If you do a quick google search you can find tons of sugar skull recipes!

But if you're like me, and not so much into cooking, then you can buy the digital ones and print them out:)

In any case, I hope you like my version of the sugar skulls.

If you decide to purchase you'll receive 12 images in all (8 by 10 inches). Nine of them are coloured and three are black and white. There are three styles each done in three different colour palettes.

View Sugar Skulls on Teachers Pay Teachers.

View Sugar Skulls on Etsy.

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PPS I have a free colouring sheet for you. This comes from the clipart set.

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