Cactus Note Paper: Free Printables

Cactus Note Paper: Free Printables

Cactus note paper!

It's cute, it's free and you can download it here.

It seems everywhere I look these days I'm seeing cactus motifs and I love 'em. They're on mugs, quotes, t-shirts, you name it.

So I decided to make this cactus note paper.

You have a choice of three different styles. A blank page, a lined page, and a page with "To Do" at the top.

You could use these to write someone a letter or to jot notes on at home or at school.

You could also easily customize the blank note paper by pasting into power point, Pic Monkey or Canva and adding whatever you like ~ perhaps some text so you could use it as a binder cover!

DOWNLOAD (This is for personal use only. Thank you!):

All 3 Cactus Note Papers

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Cactus Note Paper: Free Printables