Rainbow Clipart Freebie and Link Love

Happy Friday!

I should be writing report cards but I got sidetracked and made this rainbow clipart instead.

Click to grab

It's a 9-inch wide 300 dpi png file. Perfect for printing or using onscreen.

I'm trying to put together a new St. Patrick's Day set of clipart but I'm gonna be honest ... it's hard to find the time when I'm supposed to be writing those darn cards.

If I follow my usual pattern I'll have the set finished the day before. Haha!

In the meantime, enjoy this little rainbow clipart freebie.

Link Love

Before I go wanted to share some love!

I'm a huge fan of podcasts. I listen to them on my commute to and from work and also when I'm out walking and running.

I have several podcasts I adore but the one I'll share today is Food Blogger Pro.

What?!? you're thinking. Why would I share a food podcast?

Because, my friends, Bjork Ostrom is one of the most inspirational podcasters I know. Although his site is geared towards food bloggers, the information on his podcasts is all about developing your blog and expanding your potential, whichever niche you happen to be in.

What I love most about Bjork is how genuinely curious and excited he is when interviewing his guests. This guy lives for new knowledge and his excitement is contagious.

Click on his logo and check him out. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Weekend!

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