Blogger Tutorial: How to Redirect a Post

Hi There!

I have a blogger tutorial for you today to show you how to redirect a single blog post from one url to another.

Blogger Tutorial: 301 Redirect

Why Would You Want to Redirect a Post?

The most common reason for doing this is when you update an old post.

For example, earlier in the week I decided to update an old post on my Blogger blog, Grade ONEderful, called Groundhog Day Freebies. That post was 5 years old but I really liked the information I was sharing and felt it was still relevant.

So I resized and optimized the images, added a new pinnable image at the top, cleaned up some typos and just generally spruced up the whole post.

I wanted my readers to see this new and improved info so I changed the publish date from January 2012 to January 2017.

But Now I Have a Permalink Problem

After I did that the url still contained the January 2012 date. I wanted the url to contain the new date of 2017 ('cause often people surfing the web won't click on such an old post). So I went back in and changed the permalink (I'll have a post next week showing you how to do that ... it's a bit tricky with an already-published post).

Once the permalink was changed I had to set up a redirect. Otherwise, readers who found the old url (perhaps on Pinterest) would be directed to a 404 page when they clicked on it. Even though my custom 404 page is super cute I don't really want them going there because a 404 error can have a negative effect on your site's search ranking and it can be frustrating for your readers.

So I set up a 301 redirect, which is a permanent redirect. Now when anyone clicks on the old link they'll be redirected to my updated post.

You can see how I did that in this Blogger Tutorial video.


And if you have any questions please let me know in the comments.