Giant Christmas Tree Wall Hanging - Pretty Christmas Printables

Day 12: Pretty Christmas Printables is a winner! I am definitely printing this out for my class. Let me explain.

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It's impossible to tell from the picture, but this tree is actually comprised of 22 separate pieces of paper.

Each piece is coloured individually and then the whole thing is assembled puzzle-style and connected by gluing the tabs.

And what's really cool, is that the branches are also roads for the Christmas town.

My class of 6-year-olds is going to be awestruck when they see this. Can you imagine how amazing it will look hanging in our classroom?

Before you hang it up it would be fun to drive little cars all around the town, too:)

And this doesn't have to be a project for kids. For all you adults who love to colour, I read in the comments that it took someone 21 hours to colour it themselves!!

This is a blog series called 30 Days of Pretty Christmas Printables. I'll be posting lots of free and gorgeous printables that you'll be able to use at home and/or at school. Day 12 is giant printable wall-hanging Christmas tree from Mr. Printables. Hosted by

Grab this giant Christmas Tree from Mr. Printables by clicking below:

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Day 13 of Pretty Christmas Printables!