Blogger Tutorial: Boost Your SEO Right Now!

In the last few months I’ve had a few people asking me how they can optimize their Blogger blogs for Google’s search engine (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). 

Blogger Tutorial: Learning SEO Basics, Part 1. Are you doing the basics to get your blog found? Check out this post to make sure you are. Most fixes are pretty easy to do.

I’m NOT an expert, but I’ve been blogging for about four years now and have picked up lots of information, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share what I’ve learned.

There’s quite a bit involved and given that I’m generally not one for long blog posts (although ironically longer posts ARE better for your SEO) I’m going to post a series of recommendations.

Starting With the Basics

There are some very basic changes you can make quickly and easily right now that will make a big difference right out the gate.

Blog Description

The first thing you need to do is write a description for your blog.
Go to your Dashboard / Settings / Basic / Description. Click on “edit”  to write your description.  Here’s mine:

Blogger Tutorial: Learning SEO Basics, Part 1



Next up: your privacy settings. You have to give the search engines permission to crawl through your site. If you don’t, you’re going to be ignored.
Go to your Dashboard / Settings / Basic / Privacy (right below the description area, as described above).
Click on “edit” in the “Privacy” section.
Now be sure to click on “Yes” … both of them!

Blogger Tutorial: Learning SEO Basics, Part 1


Meta Description

Meta descriptions no longer help to improve your search engine rankings, but they DO show up in your search results.
For example, this description will pop up in google search results as a snippet of information underneath your blog name, and also when sharing on Facebook, Google + and other social media sites. If you don’t have a meta description then google will generally just grab the first few lines of text they find on your site.  You don’t want that. It’s not pro and, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to convince a searcher to click through to your blog. Nothing like free advertising!
When writing your description, remember, it’s better to have an interesting but concise description so that when your blog pops up in a search, readers will know immediately what your blog is about. Try for some actionable verbs (Learn! Discover! Follow!), tell the truth (do NOT exaggerate), and keep it around 155 characters.
Here’s mine:

Blogger Tutorial: Learning SEO Basics, Part 1
As you can see in the image above you need to go to Dashboard / Settings / Search Preferences / Meta tags Description  and click on edit.

Page Descriptions

For the same reasons I’ve already outlined, it’s also essential to write a description for each of your pages.
Go to Dashboard / Pages / Edit.  Then click on “Description” on the far right.

Blogger Tutorial: Learning SEO Basics, Part 1
That’s it for now.
Next week I’ll post Part 2, which will include ways to optimize individual blog posts.
See you then!

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