Blogger Tutorial: Adding a Sidebar Image Without the Title

Blogger Tutorial: How to Add a Sidebar Image without a Title. Blogger won't let you save a gadget without giving it a title name. This is a quick 'n easy hack to get around that.
Have you noticed that recently it's seemingly impossible to add a sidebar image without putting in a title?

It was driving me crazy!!

I've noticed some bloggers typing in a period just to have a placeholder there, but that doesn't look very good.

Sometimes you just don't want to have a title, but if you don't put one in you get this funky message from Blogger:
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Fortunately, the solution is super simple!  Ever heard of this term?

Non-Breaking Space
This is a common character used in HTML and it looks like this:


All you have to do is type   in place of the title and voila! you can now post your image with NO title.

Why Does This Work?
All you've added is a space, but happily Blogger reads it as text, so you're good to go.

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Happy Coding!

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