Tools I Use

There’s a lot that goes into writing and maintaining a blog. And by “lot” I mean time and behind-the-scenes programs, apps, tutorials (for me) and the like.

In case you’re interested, or if you’ve considered starting your own blog, I thought I’d list the tools I use to give you a bit of a head-start.

There are some affiliate links in here, at no cost to you, that help to maintain this site.


SiteGround:  This is the web hosting company I use.  A WordPress blog is a little trickier to set up than Blogger (which is where I host Grade ONEderful), but I’ve found the tech support at SiteGround to be very good. I’ve used their online chat support many times, and they’ve always been able to solve my problem or guide me through something new. I did extensive research before committing to SiteGround and while they’re not the cheapest, they’re one of the fastest (which is SUPER important), the tech support is excellent, and they come highly recommended from many bloggers more experienced than myself.

Namecheap: I have one domain name registered with Namecheap and will be moving this domain there as well. Namecheap has great prices and is easy peasy to use.


Mad Mimi: I’ve been with MadMimi for a couple of years now and find it pretty easy to use. I haven’t had a need to use their customer service yet, but everyone says it’s wonderful. They have both a paid and free version you can use.


Generate Press: I’ve used a few different themes and as far as I’m concerned this theme is amazing! It’s fast, mobile responsive and easy to use. You can get a free version or for just $39.95 you can get a whole bunch of add-ons that allow you to customize it to your heart’s delight. And if you’re having any problems, there’s lots of support available.


Skillshare: I love using Skillshare to learn new Illustrator techniques and water colour painting skills. Right now you can get 1 month free and get access to 17,000 classes!!


Teachers Pay Teachers: It’s easy to sign up for a basic membership (free) or premium ($59.95 a year). I have a premium membership and it’s worth the extra money because with a basic membership you earn 55% of your sales, but you earn 80% with a premium membership.

Etsy: I also sell some clipart on Etsy. It’s free to start a shop, but you do have to pay $0.20 for each listing, plus 3.5% for a transaction fee when an item is sold. There’s also a payment processing fee (which varies depending upon your bank location).  My items generally sell for just $3 but I still make a profit, despite the fees.

Amazon: Since I like to write reviews of Children’s Picture Books on Grade Onederful I’m also an Amazon affiliate.


Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!